Squid Jigging At Kapas Island

Squid Jigging (or mencandat sotong in Malay) is a very popular activity in Kapas Island. This is due to the abundant of squids in the sea of Terengganu from the month of March until September, with the peak month normally in May.

The boat normally leaves around 5 p.m in the evening, and depending on the guest, the fishing period can be until 10p.m, or even extended until 6.am in the morning. 

The jigging equipment will be provided when you rent the boat, and depending on the sea situation, the fishing location can be changed every night to find the area with the most squids.

The most challenging part is not 'catching' the squids, but rather withstanding the 'sea sickness' and avoid getting headache or vomiting, which will definitely ruin the fishing experience. 


Squid Jingging Boat Rental Price

RM 850 per boat (maximum 8 person/ boat)

Package includes:
* Fishing boat
* Driver-cum-guide
* Squid catching gear


If you are interested, please contact us at 09-6183 166